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Healing Through Connection

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​Rebecca works with adolescents and adults to address anxiety, depression, and addiction. She also works with self-esteem needs and believes that self-acceptance is a key component of change. Rebecca also has clinical experience working with bipolar disorder as well as different forms of psychosis.

Aside from building self-esteem, Rebecca also focuses on addressing core issues that influence behavior. These issues can include foundational needs which may be unmet and therefore sought out in other, less productive, forms. She believes that understanding, creating, and maintaining connection is an essential need which can cultivate change.

Rebecca firmly believes in the power of hope and connection. She believes that change is possible for all and loves to help individuals realize and utilize their strengths. She never ceases to be amazed by human strength and resilience and deeply desires to inspire hope and establish connection in order to bring to light these strengths.

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Rebecca Kiser, MSWI