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Anxiety clinically affects over 25% of all adolescents and adults in a given year; yet everyone may experience symptoms at some point in their life. Symptoms may include nervousness, worry, feeling “on-edge,” muscle tension, and difficulty concentrating. 

Depression, which often co-occurs with anxiety, can be experienced as feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, guilt, or even thoughts of ending your own life. Often times this fear or hopelessness can get in the way of education, intimate and social relationships, work, and other life situations.

While anxiety and disappointments are a part of life, they don’t have to get in the way of your ability to succeed. Veritas offers a solution to help you improve your ability to perceive problems differently and develop the confidence and assertiveness to overcome obstacles that may build up in your life. We seek to help you address challenges that lead to anxiety and depression, rather than blame, isolate, or avoid them.