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At Veritas Mental Health, we offer therapeutic services designed to help you reach your potential and feel connected to your life, family, and friends. Our services are available so that you and your loved ones can get the help you need for whatever you may be struggling with.

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Veritas Mental Health uses a systemic approach to treating individuals with unwanted behaviors, symptoms, maladaptive coping mechanism, and emotional pain. At the heart of our approach is the understanding that individuals do not exist in a vacuum. They are, in fact, a piece of a larger social system. In accordance with this understanding, Veritas focuses on helping individual’s increase connection within that system. Our unique approach treats emotional distress, addiction, and personal/relational difficulties as symptoms of the true, underlying issues. Let us help you regain balance and hope in your life as you increase connections and experience a change in how you see and cope with challenges. 

"After 5 years of porn addiction therapy with different therapists I was ready to give up. My therapist at Veritas gave me hope and now what at one point seemed impossible now is a reality."


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